Editor’s Pick: Saint James’ Trattoria

Written by Salvatore DiBenedetto [@TheGrubfather]

Note: Photos may not reflect current menu which is seasonal. 

The Trattoria is unknown to many but beloved by those who do. There’s a reason for that and instinct tells me it has everything to do with their humble approach to a dynamic culinary experience. Regardless of your location in NY, The Trattoria is worthy of a foodie crusade. Just ensure you have a reservation.


Everything about The Trattoria insists it wants to remain a hidden treasure. Residing in the quaint little hamlet of St. James, the intimate dining room doesn’t exactly scream “You’re about to have an …experience.” But then, before you know it, house-made ricotta & toasty warm bread are pressed between your fingertips hovering above a menu that has you wondering just how much food your stomach may be able to consume. Did I mention it’s BYOB?

Cue the Chef’s $65 Five Course Tasting Menu or the $40 Three Course Prix-fixe, an essential for all Trattoria virgins. Chef Stephen Gallagher’s rustic Italian fare merges with seasonal ingredients that will awaken palates that have long been watered down by Americana style chicken parmesan and penne a la vodka. (Not to insult the classics) This result has made The Trattoria nearly impossible to penetrate without a reservation which can sometimes be very difficult to obtain. CALL AHEAD. 

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