Chefs on the Boulevard: Pizza, Pasta & Much More

Written by Salvatore DiBenedetto [@TheGrubfather]

Walking into Chefs on the Boulevard, you could question yourself as to exactly where you are. The brick walled vibes and hip aesthetic give off a cool city feel but one look at the wide range pizza display and you’ll remember you’re in the pizza capital of the world: Long Island. 

Like all great pizzerias, this one is rooted in heritage and family. Owner Michael Alfano built up a name for himself in the cheese & crust game with his flagship location “Chefs” in East Northport. Venturing into Massapequa Park with Chefs on the Boulevard was spearheaded by his son Mike Alfano.


“This is the kind of place where everyone can feel great. We’ve got slices, pies, entrees and heroes too. Our most important focus was turning the casual pizzeria into an experience.” Mike explained to me.

I see exactly what he means as people of all ages roll in. It seems they all have one thing in common though: Ordering pies and slices of Chef’s signature Spinach Pie, a decadent blend of sultry greens and cheese.

“This is the pie that put my Dad on the map.” Mike tells me, passing a slice to a customer. “It’s been everywhere from Food Network’s ‘Best Thing I’ve Ever Ate’ to Newsday and everything in between.”

The pie features a sesame seed crust and one bite in, I’m sold. This is the kind of pizza that leaves an impression. It’s unique yet still familiar all while maintaining a creamy, indulgent flavor. After crushing two slices, I can see why it has achieved so many accolades in the pizza world.

Chefs on the Boulevard is also playing no games when it comes to their hot food. From a variety of insane paninis (that have broke the internet) to pasta and chicken dishes, they’re covering all the bases.

“We’re Italian and we wanted to showcase all of our family’s recipes, including outside of pizza. It’s great to see customers who come in craving our food outside the pizza. We even have guests who move out of state beg us to send them frozen pizzas. We’re working on it!”

From national recognition to local clamor, Chefs is an essential pizza stop on Long Island. They’re bringing a traditional experience a refreshing perspective that translates from vibes to food. Don’t forget the spinach pizza!


Phone #: (516) 798-6100

Address: 1026 Park Boulevard, Massapequa Park, NY 11762

Always hungry,

Salvatore DiBenedetto


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