Vittorio’s: Amityville’s Charming Italian Steakhouse

Written by Salvatore DiBenedetto [@TheGrubfather]

Vittorio’s Italian Steakhouse is exactly what I’d envision an Italian steakhouse to be. A classic and sophisticated decor comes alive with tunes of soft Italian music drifting in the backdrop. Impeccable aromas from the kitchen and a humble, smiling waitstaff (equip with an Italian accent) set a mood that is the perfect fusion of American & Italian.

“We opened about 15 years ago, in fact it was Valentines Day 2002!” Michael Esposito tells me with a fire in his eyes. “My family has been serving Amityville food since the 1960s as a pizzeria but opening up a restaurant like this was something new.”

It started as Vittorio’s Restaurant & Wine Bar and they were slinging all the Italian classics. “People really loved it.” Esposito says “But interestingly enough, steaks were my real passion. I decided to explore the idea by introducing Steak Wednesdays to guests and it caught like wildfire.”

Shortly after, Vittorio’s Restaurant & Wine Bar transitioned into Vittorio’s Italian Steakhouse and that’s exactly where I found myself sitting that day. Opting to indulge in a variety of their liquor selections, I found myself navigating through unique whiskey, signature cocktails and a sprawling selection of wine.

It wasn’t hard to see why the restaurant has been so celebrated by the Amityville community. The warm decor and service set a scene that had my expectations pretty high. Slowly courses started to make their way out and each one had me thinking Vittorio’s was about to hit the mark.

And they did, from start to finish. To start, a great salumi & cheese board came decked out with prosciutto, mortadella asiago provolone, roasted peppers & olives. Following this was one of the best pasta dishes I’ve had all year: Garganelli with an incredibly savory veal and sage ragu (Don’t miss it).

Moving into entrees, Vittorio’s paid ode to it’s two roots: Italian and Steakhouse. Michael proclaimed that their bone-in veal parmesan was “out of this world” and he didn’t lie. With its pounded thin meat, crispy fry and excellent sauce I couldn’t stop slicing away pieces. Yet when it came to steak, Vittorio’s showed out with a massive Tomahawk rib eye that would satisfied even the most ferocious of carnivores.

Vittorio’s turned out to be something I never knew existed: An Italian Steakhouse. Michael and his team brought together two of my favorite worlds in a way that was approachable, classy and delicious. I’d imagine this to be a great place for a date night, family dinner or even to host a celebration. You just can’t go wrong.

184 Broadway, Amityville, NY 11701

(631) 264-3333

Always hungry,

Salvatore DiBenedetto


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