Editor’s Pick: Meet the Coolest Pizzeria in the Tri-State

The Parlor claims its spot as ‘New York’s Coolest Pizzeria’  with an edgy yet approachable ambiance and a sublimely innovative menu inspired by the traditional. Upon entering you’ll be greeted to vibes reminiscent of Manhattan’s funky Lower East Side but the aroma of burning wood and rising crust lets you know authenticity thrives here. A brainchild of Westchester’s most celebrated chef, The Parlor offers pizza lovers something different: Not just an experience, but a culture all of its own.

The Parlor, in its entirety, is an ode to doing things differently and shines in this light through graffiti-art styled walls, rock music and an indulgent food and beverage menu. Having spent his early years experimenting with dough in a family-built, wood burning oven, Chef DiBari’s legacy of fire roasted recipes stretches back to his childhood. The wood burning oven that now sits at the focal point of The Parlor now breathes out a menu of beautifully executed appetizers, entrees and even desserts from its flames. 

Food Recommendations:

THE PIZZA ($15 – $18). The gorgeous dough, unique combinations and supremely fresh ingredients create some of the most enjoyable pizzas I’ve ever had. Top choices include Margherita, Bone Marrow, Everything Bagel, Nonna Pierina and Clam. 

The fried gnudi ($10) brings a wild variety of flavors together with parmigiano, thyme, lemon & honey. The crispy crust essentially melts in your mouth to reveal a soft, gooey center. Pure bliss, folks.

Chicken & Waffles ($12) offer a playful, delicious twist on the classic using blueberry & basil to brighten up the enriched maple flavors. At The Parlor, this one comes bite sized in a bowl and is great for sharing.

Ash Baked Banana ($8) is perhaps one of the most interesting desserts I’ve had in a long time. Freshly fire baked, butter stuffed bananas come crowned with homemade root-beer-whip-cream & peanut-cayenne brittle. Indulgent, intriguing and worthy of every spoonful of calories.

Pizza-Ice-Cream-Sandwich ($30) is a table-side-crafted, shareable dessert that features warm baked pizza dough, ice cream, nutella brittle, chocolate sauce, and bacon popcorn.

The Parlor is a laid back place with a lot of attitude. Its hip and edgy aesthetic isn’t manufactured but rather an organic result of Chef DiBari’s personality and roots (he did design the entire space, after all). Visit The Parlor to gather with good friends or bring the family for an elevated pizza experience. It may be a trek to Westchester but this place continues to prove its worth as a destination pizzeria. Don’t miss it.

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